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Dive Team Records

SHBR is proud of our Divers!

Take a look at the club and league records we’ve established over the years.

Team Records
Girls Score Age Group Boys Score
Helen King (2016) 91.05 Freshman Alex Brady (2009) 82.05
Rowan Nolen (2016) 141.25 Junior Kevin Shortt 120.75
Claire Jakabcin (1999) 204.65 Intermediate Sean Paulson (2011) 173.8
Chloe Grishaw (2010) 247.4 Senior Ryan Herron (2010) 241.8


NVSL League Champions
Age Group Year Diver
Senior Girls 2001 Claire Jakabcin
Senior Girls 2000 Claire Jakabcin
Intermediate Girls 1999 Claire Jakabcin
Senior Boys 1986 Richard Benedict
Intermediate Boys 1967 Harry Withers
Intermediate Boys 1964 Rick Kincade
Junior Girls 1963 Peggy Signam
Intermediate Boys 1963 Rick Kincade


Wally Martin 3-Meter Champions
Age Group Year Diver
Freshman Girls  2016 Helen King
Freshman Girls 2010 Mariana Hershner
Freshman Girls 2004 Maggie Cullather
Senior Girls 2002 Claire Jakabcin
Intermediate Girls 2001 Claire Jakabcin
Intermediate Girls 1998 Claire Jakabcin
Junior Girls 1996 Sarah Webb
Senior Boys 1986 Richard Benedict
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