Gazebo and Group Party Reservation (DO NOT USE)

This is an old version of the form and should not be used. Please click here for the current version!

SHBR members can host a group party at the club, which can include non-members, and optional reservation of one of our beautiful gazebos for the event. To ensure adequate lifeguard coverage, any event that includes more than 6 non-members must be reserved at least 3 days in advance using the online Gazebo and Group Party Reservation form below.

The gazebos are available to members at no charge, but they must be reserved in advance using the form below. There is no fee to reserve the gazebo or space, but a cleaning fee will be assessed if your area is not cleaned up. The lifeguards will empty all trashcans. It is the member’s responsibility to clean all remaining areas. The clean up fee will be assessed at the conclusion of the event if the manager on duty inspects the gazebo and it is not in satisfactory condition.

Guest fees apply to all non-members of SHBR and must be paid in advance as part of the reservation for your Group Party and/or the Gazebo reservation. On the day of the party, please provide a list of all guests to be admitted to the front desk. Bulk discount guest passes cannot be used for events including more than six non-members.

For further information, please email the director of gate control at



The Gazebo Reservation form is temporarily offline for maintenance, please check back soon.

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