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Competition swim team

Welcome SHBR Swimmers!

We are excited to offer a fun, safe environment for developing swimming skills. Swimmers are evaluated before joining the SHBR Swim Team to identify the most appropriate environment for each swimmer.

  • Competition Team – For swimmers capable of swimming 25 meters (1 lap) of the pool unassisted with a minimum stroke proficiency. Swimmers can focus on coaches for a 45 minute or longer practice and participate in weekly “A” and “B” swim meets throughout the season.
  • Seal Pup Developmental Team – A swim team preparation program for new swimmers ages 5-8 who have mastered swim lessons and, during evaluation, can swim at least 15 meters of the pool unassisted and can safely swim to the side of the pool. These swimmers are still developing their strokes and are ready for a bigger challenge, have the attention span to listen to coaches for a 30-minute practice, and will enjoy a group environment. Swimmers participate in an intra-squad swim meet. More information can be found on the Seal Pup’s Web Page.

If your swimmer is not yet ready for the Swim Team, SHBR also offers swim lessons. Seal School group lessons provide group instruction to teach children skills from basic water exploration to beginning stroke development.

swim team updates

2017 SHBR SEALS Swim Team

All SHBR Swim Team schedules, meet sign up, results and season information is now located on our swim team portal. Please follow the links below.

Swim-A-Thon 2017


about swimming and our team

Click here for the swim team handbook.

Swim Team Schedule

See the calendar online SHBR Calendar.

Evaluation Days for New Swimmers

May 30 – June 2 at 4:45 PM — Swimmers should attend three practices for evaluation.  We recommend attending Monday-Wednesday, allowing Thursday and Friday as makeup days if needed.*

Swimmers on the Developmental Team will complete Evaluation Days and return for morning practices after school ends. Developmental Swimmers do not attend afternoon practices in June.

*New Swimmers should complete all registration materials in order to participate in Evaluation Days.  See more information on Seal Pups Developmental Team.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is a swimmer ready for Seal Pups?

Swimmers are evaluated by the team coaches prior to joining the Seal Pups Developmental Team. For safety purposes, Seal Pups must be able to swim 15 meters of the length of the SHBR upper pool without assistance or stopping. They must also be able to safely reach the side of the pool and exit the water. To participate in evaluations, there is no requirement to use any specific stroke, as long as they can make it (dog paddle, underwater swimming, and various other combinations all work). Swimmers are asked to swim as far as they can down the length of the lap pool any way they know how. The purpose of this is not to intimidate the children, but to ensure that the children can get themselves to the side of the pool when a coach is not nearby. Parents should also consider the child’s ability to listen and follow instructions from the coaches, since this will be a team practice environment.

How are swimmers evaluated?

During late May through late June, the Competition Team begins pre-season practices. During this time, we offer “Evaluation Days.”

Parents and are encouraged to bring their swimmers to any three practices during evaluation week. In a fun, friendly environment, a coach will assess the swimmer’s capability to swim the length of the pool unaided, and determine the swimmer’s individual skill level. After evaluation, the coaching staff will recommend the appropriate environment for your swimmer.

Attending three Evaluation Days provides each child an opportunity to adapt to the environment, the water temperatures and the coaches.

When do Seal Pups practice?

After Evaluation Week, Seal Pups return for practice in the mornings from the end of June to the end of July. Practices are held Monday through Friday in the upper pool from 10:30 – 11:00 AM.  Please see the schedule above for the specific dates.

More Questions?

Have more questions? Contact John Mechem, SHBR Swim Team Rep at

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