The Board of Directors at SHBR are voluntary positions. Equity members run and vote for three-year terms. The Board then elects an Executive Committee: President, Vice President, and Secretary. This is a working Board and requires some time and stamina from the members. Please contact us if you have interest in helping to run the club.

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Board of Directors

SHBR is goverened by a volunteer Board of Directors. The positions below are defined in our governing documents. Each Board term is three years.

Role Name Term Ends Email Address
President Jim Hitchcock 2024 board@shbr.org
Vice President Chris Enochs 2024 vicepresident@shbr.org
Treasurer Duane Morse 2026 treasurer@shbr.org
Secretary Samantha Parente 2026 secretary@shbr.org
Aquatics Eric Engstrom 2027 aquatics@shbr.org
Communications John Mechem 2026 communications@shbr.org
Facilities Andrew Bartlett 2027 facilities@shbr.org 
Information Technology James Wilkins 2025 it@shbr.org
Membership Aubrey Hess 2024 membership@shbr.org
Operations Scott Woodworth 2024 operations@shbr.org 
Social Olivia Devereux 2025 social@shbr.org 
Tennis Matt Virkstis 2025 tennis@shbr.org

To volunteer for a future board position, please contact the Board President.