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Just a reminder that there is no additional cost to join any team at SHBR! You may be asked to volunteer but there are no mandatory volunteer hours, either. While we LOVE our volunteers, we don't assign them.

Swim Team

We are excited to offer a fun, safe environment for developing swimming skills. Swimmers are evaluated before joining the SHBR Swim Team to identify the most appropriate environment for each swimmer.

Competition Swim Team

  • For swimmers capable of swimming 25 meters (1 lap) of the pool unassisted with a minimum stroke proficiency. Swimmers can focus on coaches for a 45 minute or longer practice and participate in weekly “A” and “B” swim meets throughout the season.
  • Follow this link for information on Team Registration.

Seal Pup Developmental Team

  • A swim team preparation program for new swimmers ages 5-8 who have mastered swim lessons and, during evaluation, can swim at least 15 meters of the pool unassisted and can safely swim to the side of the pool. These swimmers are still developing their strokes and are ready for a bigger challenge, have the attention span to listen to coaches for a 30-minute practice, and will enjoy a group environment. Swimmers participate in an intra-squad swim meet. More information can be found on the Seal Pup’s Web Page.

    Swim Team Updates

    Swim Team updates can found at shbr.swimtopia.com


    If your swimmer is not yet ready for the Swim Team, SHBR also offers swim lessons. Seal School group lessons provide group instruction to teach children skills from basic water exploration to beginning stroke development.

    Have more questions? Contact Scott Woodworth and Eric Engstrom, SHBR Swim Team Rep at swimteam@shbr.org.