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Tennis Resources

Tennis Ladder

SHBR tennis players can now join  a ladder, an ordering structure for a group of tennis players. Order, or place on the ladder, is determined through wins and losses against other players on the ladder.  This is a great way for SHBR tennis players to enjoy organized competition for free and meet other players at the club!

Northern Virginia Tennis League (www.nvtl.org)

SHBR men, women, and youth age 10 and over compete through the NVTL in a summer league.   For more information about SHBR teams, email the tennis board representative at tennis@shbr.org.

Greater Washington Tennis Association (www.gwtatennis.com)

The GWTA is a spring and fall adult women’s doubles league in which SHBR participates.  Each team fields five doubles courts per week.  For more information about the SHBR GWTA team, contact the tennis rep at tennis@shbr.org.

United States Tennis Association (www.usta.com)

USTA is the national governing body for tennis and the recognized leader in promoting and developing the sport’s growth on every level in the US.  The USTA offers leagues, training, tournaments and more for youth and adults.

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