Do you think the only organized water activity SHBR offers is swim team?  Guess again!  There are plenty of ways to enjoy the pool for some exercise, learning, and fun.


The SHBR Seals Swim Team welcomes all boys and girls age 18 and under who are interested in giving competitive swimming a try.  In a short but intense eight week season, swimmers have the opportunity to develop swimming skills, be part of a fun, multi-age team, learn good sportsmanship, make new friends, and have a great time.  Swimmers are evaluated before joining the SHBR Swim Team to identify the most appropriate environment for each swimmer.

  • Competition Team – For swimmers who can swim 25 meters (1 lap) of the pool unassisted and with a minimum stroke proficiency. Swimmers can focus on coaches for a 45 minute or longer practice and participate in weekly “A” and “B” swim meets throughout the season.
  • Seal Pup Developmental Swim Team – This developmental arm of the swim team is for swimmers who have mastered swim lessons and can swim at least 15 meters of the pool unassisted during evaluation. These swimmers, typically between 5 and 8 years old, are ready for a bigger challenge, have the attention span to listen to coaches for a 30-minute practice, and will enjoy a group environment.   Swimmers are evaluated for participation the second week of the summer and then begin practice at the end of June.